Men’s Jewelry

Not for sissies

I don’t really divide my sterling silver jewelry in woman’s and men’s jewelry. The Herringbone jewelry is essentially unisex and is worn by men and women. But the size and patterning on some of them makes them more appealing to either men or women.

I incorporated
my label inbetween
the segments.

To make a couple of the chunkier ones “manlier” I added my designer label in between two segments because I thought some men might find a dangling label too girly (but they didn’t after all). Most men wear my Herringbone jewelry as a bracelet. However some (brave ones?) wear them as necklaces. Originally long, thick Herringbone necklaces were worn by rappers in the 70’s.

All my jewelry is made from vintage (gold-plated) sterling silver chain (of some kind). In addition to the Herringbone jewelry the 3 chain jewelry and Silther bracelets are also available in larger sizes. They too are bought and worn by men.  I always have some in stock in my shop.