Jewelry by Colette

My brand Jewelry by Colette is a sustainable jewelry brand I gave my own name because it reflects my values. I design collections of handcrafted jewelry for people that want to look stylish and original. AND are interested in buying products that are being produced in a responsible way.

My jewelry celebrates the old just as much as the new. The first collections introduced a new aesthetic for silver jewelry. Traditionally it is supposed to be kept as free of patina and scratches as possible. This jewelry embraces its past (within reason).
The recent Party Balloon Necklaces are very different: they are new (although made from recycled silver). Also I take great pains to make them as perfect and shiny as the foil balloons that inspired me to make them. The even more recent Alphabet Earrings I hand pierce and they are again allowed some imperfections 🙂

Each item is handmade and unique (and often numbered) and caters to different styles. It is worn by men as well as women and it is available in different price ranges.
Please take a look at the various collections of necklaces, bracelets and earrings in my shop.