Bib Choker Necklaces

For that extra something

I have only been able to make a couple of these Bib Choker Necklaces because I have to find pieces of Herringbone chain with matching flexibility. And the example shown here is even gold-plated. Vintage gold plated sterling Herringbone chain is even harder to find than the silver variety. But I am always on the hunt for it because my gold plated jewelry is very popular.

I’m lucky to find
four pieces with
matching width
and flexibility.

The Bib Choker necklace pictured below has a length of about 40 cm and a depth of about 6 cm.
The curb chain and the clasp used (in the back) are gold plated silver too. The other findings (eyelets and label) however are “gold-filled”. This means the layer of gold is thicker and won’t wear off as quickly (the metal underneath is “base metal”, usually copper).

Part of the vintage herringbone chains I normally use were once gold plated. But when the gold plating wears off the jewelry is discarded. Then I am able to buy them and use them for my jewelry. Some of the vintage chains I find still have a lot of their golden color. However I like them when they have just a hint of gold shine too. And I absolutely love the combination of gold-plated and silver elements. I also use this combination in my other designs (Herringbone and 3 Chain jewelry and Long Chain Necklaces.

As I said: I only have been able to make a couple of these (silver or gold-plated) but there may be one in my shop.