3D Silhouette Necklaces

Boys and Girls
Vintage Sterling Profiles

I make these 3D Silhouette necklaces from 2 vintage sterling silver profiles of the same shape and combine them with a round sterling disk. The eyelet on top is pierced from one of these three elements. The 3D pendants come with a sterling silver chain.


The profiles I use to make the 3D silhouette Necklaces with used to be worn on  brooches by (grand)mothers. These brooches would accommodate multiple profiles with the names and birth dates of  children and/or grand children  inscribed on them.  I leave these on the profiles, it gives them history.

Some have
been beautifully
hand engraved

Some of the sterling silver profiles I collect for these necklaces are really old. I have ones that have dates from the 40’s. Some are really battered as if worn during the war. And some have been beautifully hand engraved. It’s a shame that not many people master this craft anymore. Most of the engraving is done by machine now a days…. I make boys and girl versions of the 3D silhouette pendants. They are for sale in my shop.