Alphabet Earrings


I wanted t make something bold, something “street”. And not highly polished after the Party Balloon Necklaces. So maybe these Alphabet Earrings aren’t big enough. But I wanted to make this size first so that I can combine them and hang two or three of them underneath each other. It certainly is bold wearing numbers or letters because you risk people asking you what they mean.

Extra layer of

You show people who you are with the jewelry you wear. Sometimes the personal connection you have to your jewelry is due to the giver or the occasion it was given to you, although the pieces themselves are often generic / mass produced. Because my jewelry is handmade no two pieces are exactly the same.


These earrings are expressions of who you are, much more than just ornaments. I like the idea of an extra layer of personalisation, of numbers or letters that mean something special to you…
Owners of Party Balloon Necklaces have told me beautiful stories about their connection to a certain number. I hope the same thing happens with these Alphabet Earrings….

Gold plated and Gold filled

The Alphabet Earrings are made of gold plated brass and the letters are a little more than 2cm tall and 2cm wide (but range from 1.5 to 2.5 cm wide). The ear wires are gold-filled which means that the layer of gold on them is thicker to avoid any irritation from base metals.


Any Alphabet Earrings I have in  stock you will find in my shop. But feel free to order any that are not in stock, a combination of two or three letters or a different size. Just send me a message with your wishes.