Herringbone Chain Earrings

Less is more?
Odds and ends

I try and re-use as much of my materials as I can. So whenever I had left over pieces of chain that were too small for any of my designs, I would try and think of something I could use these smaller pieces for. Enter the Herringbone Chain Earrings…

I liked a very
simple design
the most


Some of the smaller pieces of Herringbone chain were used to make zipper pulls. An obvious choice would probably have been to use them to make earrings. But it took a while before I got around to trying out different earring designs and I the only reason I eventually did was because I was asked for them.

Too simple?

What I ended up liking the most was a very simple design. It was so simple I wasn’t sure anyone would like them or want to wear them. But luckily the first pairs sold out right away. There may be some left in my shop. My favorite Herringbone chain earrings are the ones with text. Some say “Someone special” (like the one in the picture) others “I love you”.