Graduated Chain Necklaces

Not dainty!

These Graduated Chain Necklaces were made to be chunky. I like the fact that women are wearing chunky necklaces now that only men (and not the most sophisticated ones) used to wear. It’s in fashion but I have always liked that it makes women look tough (because they are).

Only a couple of years ago woman’s jewelry had to be more dainty, so the shiniest and daintiest of my Herringbone Bracelets / Necklaces sold the fastest.

Wider in the front than
they are in the back…

Vintage silver chain

Because I like chunky necklaces more than I like chunky bracelets I decided to make these graduated chain necklaces out of silver chain bracelets I had collected over the years. And I always use vintage or at least used sterling silver for my designs.


I call them Graduated Chain Necklaces because, you guessed it, they are graduated. Which means they are wider / heavier in the front then they are in the back. And I have only been able to make a couple of them as chunky vintage silver chain is hard to get a hold of now (for reasonable prices, because it ís in fashion).


The length of these Graduated Chain Necklaces are mid-length; between 45 and 55 cm. They fit in nicely between my Long Chain Necklaces (of the which the chunkiest have already sold) and my really short ones (Fitted Chokers) and complement these other two well. The chokers are adjustable to how tight you like to wear them. The Long chain necklaces start at around 90 cm (and go up to 120 cm) and can be worn wrapped around the neck once or two times.


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