Golden Ratio Earrings

Nature’s full of this ratio

The Golden Ratio Earrings are made of two types of (gold-plated) vintage sterling silver chain in the golden ratio. They are often mirrored so both earrings are not the same.


Before I started making  them I had a lot of off-cuts of the various types of chain I use for other designs. And before people asked me to I never thought of making earrings.  Because I never really liked earrings and I didn’t wear them myself.

I do like them

I started looking at all kinds of earrings and guess what? Now I do like certain earrings. Just by paying more attention to them. And then the penny dropped. I realized I could use some of my off-cuts to make earrings and that this would be in keeping with what I was doing all the time: reusing as much of my material as I could.

It’s an appealing ratio

My first earrings were made from pieces of Herringbone chain. In my second collection,  the Golden Ratio Earrings,  two types of chain are combined in the “golden ratio”. This means the length of one of the parts is  1,6 times as long as the other one. Why is it called “golden”?

If you ask a great many people to divide a line into two parts in a way that is appealing to them they will not divide the line in two halves. Most people will divide them into something that approaches this “golden ratio” which is found everywhere in nature too.

Look at some examples of the Golden Ratio Earrings in my store.