Sustainable jewelry

Why does my logo say
sustainable jewelry?

Repurposed Sterling silver

Chain bracelets and necklaces that are broken or have gone out of style are the main source for my sustainable jewelry.

The cost of repairing silver jewelry often outweighs the jewelry’s worth. So it often ends up being recycled. But I think certain chains and charms are worthy of a second life and star in my  jewelry.

An other reason I like re-using silver jewelry is because the recycling process itself involves using large amounts of chemicals and energy. Why melt down good chain to make chain?

Waste minimization

Because I produce the jewelry myself I have control over the materials and chemicals I use and how I dispose of them.

My own off-cuts and “waste” inspire me to make designs in which these can be used.

For instance I use the original  925 silver labels attached to thin sterling chains as decorative elements in between the components of the thinner version of 3 Chain jewelry. I also turned short pieces of Herringbone chain into “zipper pulls” that became giveaways at a sustainable fashion fair.

I added earrings to my collection because I had a growing amount of short pieces left over from Herringbone jewelry and the Long Chain Necklaces.

And I use little 4 leaf clover links of a broken bracelet to join two chains to make a longer chain for the Lucky Charm Necklaces.


In theory the packaging of my jewelry has to reflect the “precious” content that it is.

I try to give my packaging extra value by hand stamping the box, including information describing how to care for the jewelry and by providing a polishing cloth.

But the boxes I use are made of 100% recycled cardboard and my bussiness cards are printed with environmentally friendly ink.

Also, I save and re-use packaging material I receive.

A growing collection

New products are added to the collection from time to time. But my designs do not follow the (fast) fashion seasons.

I draw my inspiration from the changing world around me though  and new collections like the Party Balloon Necklaces reflect that.

Also, the demand for jewelry that is (partially) gold plated has grown the last couple of years. So now when I buy vintage or used silver I hunt for the gold-plated pieces. And I even have some new pieces gold-plated by responsible companies.