Party Balloon Necklaces

There is always something to celebrate

For a while now I have been obsessed by the metallic foil party balloons that started popping up everywhere. I love their chubby-ness and the little creases in their fat limbs. I started thinking about how I could capture their essence in a a piece of jewelry…

Numbers have shapes
you can prefer above


Looking at numbers I realized that devoid of their meaning, numbers had shapes. Their shapes vary between fonts but nonetheless some have shapes you can prefer above others. Or a number can be special to you because of a personal association to it. For example: you can perceive it as “lucky” for you. Or it can be the number of children you have or any other reason. I like the shape of the 3 with it’s chubby little baby arms and/or legs so that’s the one I’m wearing.


The Party Balloon pendants are made of solid Sterling silver. They are available in three “colors”: silver, gold, or rose gold. The silver ones are plated with fine silver to prevent them from tarnishing, the others are plated with either yellow 24kt or Rose gold.


The Party Balloon pendants are sold with Box chains of either 45 or 60 cm. They are part of a limited edition and numbered (on the chain).


Due to COVID and the Christmas holidays I don’t have every number in every color in stock yet. My first batch sold out quickly. I will be filling the shop as they arrive in January…

Let me know which number and plating you would like to buy and I will make sure one is available for you a.s.a.p.


The introductory prices (valid for a limited time only) for the Party Balloon Necklaces are 119,- (euros) for one of any color with a 45 cm chain and 129,- for one with a 60 cm chain.