Silther bracelets

Sterling Silver and Leather


I call this family of bracelets “Silthers” (even though the name is unpronounceable). But they are made from silver and leather and I couldn’t think of any better name at the time.
It’s a very simple design: a piece of silver chain attached to a piece of leather cord that is wrapped around the wrist twice.

Different chains,
natural or colored
leather cord

Two widths, different colors

The silver and leather bracelets come in two widths.  One has a 1.5 mm leather cord (like the bracelet shown here) and a ± 2 mm silver chain. The other has a 2 mm leather cord and a ± 3 mm silver chain. The leather cord is either it’s natural color or painted white, red, dark blue or black (produced following EU guidelines).

Types of chain

Each bracelet is made of leather cord and one of several kinds of vintage (gold-plated) sterling silver chain. The chain I use is either Rope, Box, Curb, Mariner, Wheat, Serpentine, Snake or Herringbone chain (or variations of these chains).


The leather part of the silver and leather bracelets are protected from moisture and dirt with a leather conditioner containing beeswax. You can maintain this protection by applying neutral shoe polish from time to time. The silver part can be touched up with a polishing cloth if it becomes tarnished. Also it is best not to wear this bracelet while swimming or taking a hot shower….

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