Vivienne Westwood: Buy less, choose well, make it last.

Buy less

The complete quote of what Vivienne Westwood said during her interview with the Guardian is:

“Buy less, choose well, make it last”

And I agree with her totally. The quote applies to fashion / clothes but just as well to jewelry of course.

I would like you to buy my jewelry. But I would like you to look after it and let me repair it if it gets damaged. That is why I describe on how to take care of the jewelry I sell on my website and offer a service to repair the jewelry I make so that it can keep on being enjoyed.

Vivienne also quotes the comic Russel Brand in the same interview who says we will have to dismantle capitalism to save the environment. Without accusing all companies of being capitalists, it is true that as long as a lot of money can be made by producing bad quality products or producing goods while damaging the environment certain companies will keep doing it.

The only way things can change is if consumers start buying less, choosing products that will last and looking after them (and having them repaired).
And as soon as companies are made to pay the costs of their pollution and fair wages their products won’t even be that competitive…

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