Herringbone Jewelry #359 17.5cm

Herringbone bracelet #359 is about 5.5 mm wide. It’s length is either 17.5 cm (when worn as a bracelet) or 52.5 cm (as a necklace).

This jewelry is made from vintage (rose gold-plated) sterling silver herringbone components. Each bracelet / necklace is unique and numbered (on the tag).


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Herringbone jewelry can be worn as a bracelet (wrapped three times around your wrist) or a necklace.
Measure the circumference of your wrist and add 1 – 1.5 cm (or ½ inch) for the right bracelet size.

It can last you a lifetime if the herringbone components are not twisted.
Please make sure the bracelet / necklace lays flat around your wrist or neck while putting it on.


Polish the necklace gently with the polishing cloth enclosed in the packaging if tarnished. Or soak it in hot water with dish-washing liquid if dull and greasy to restore it’s beauty.

Additional information


17.5 (52.5) cm


5.5 mm


Sterling Silver, Sterling silver – Rose Gold plated



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