Graduated Chain Necklace #1 50cm

Graduated Chain Necklace #1 is a chunky sterling silver necklaces that was made with 3 vintage sterling silver Cable chain components of various widths.

The width / weight of the necklace increases from the back to the front of the necklace.

Polish the necklace gently with the polishing cloth enclosed in the packaging if tarnished. Or soak in hot water with dish-washing liquid if dull and greasy to restore it’s beauty.



Graduated Chain Necklace #1 is about 50 cm long and 6 to 10 mm wide. It’s total weight in sterling silver is 48.14  g.

This necklace is made with 3 vintage sterling silver Cable chain bracelets. Special sterling silver links were made to connect the different sections of chain in an attractive way.

Each necklace is unique and numbered (on the tag).



Additional information


50 cm


6 – 10 mm


Sterling Silver


48.14 g

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