Golden Ratio Earrings #35 pair

Golden Ratio Earrings #34 are made from a combination of vintage sterling silver square Snake and Bead chain in the “golden ratio”. They have sterling silver  leverback hooks.

These beautiful earrings are about 8 cm long and are sold as a pair. However both earrings are not the same. One of the earrings has the square Snake chain on top and the other one has the Bead chain on top.


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Golden Ratio Earrings #35 are made from vintage Sterling silver flat Rope and Mariner chain in the “golden ratio”.

Golden ratio

If you ask a great many people to divide a line into two parts they will not divide the line in half. In reality, most people will divide the line into something that approaches the “golden ratio”. This means one part of the line is 1,6x as long as the other. This ratio is found everywhere in nature too.

Additional information


Flat Rope, Mariner


Sterling Silver

Earring Length

9 cm

Earring Width

4.5 mm


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